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Kanimozhi Karunanidhi

For the laity, unlike civil courts, inherent powers of judicial intervention in criminal cases are not provided to the lower judiciary. Fearing misuse, parliament has conferred such powers on the higher judiciary, and barring a few exceptions, for any thing  and every thing in criminal law one has to knock the doors of the high court first. It can arguably be claimed that the powers of high courts are higher than the supreme court in some respects, when it comes to article 226 and section 482 CrPC. In other words, lower courts namely courts of judicial magistrates and courts of session which are trained to function mechanically, tend to get tripped and bury their heads in the sand like an ostrich, if an unusual situation crops up. On the other hand, the supreme court, frowns upon litigants approaching it directly, on the premise that it is overworked.

We are well aware of the 2G spectrum scam, which was ordered to be probed by the supreme court. But few of us are aware that it was actually thrown out by the Delhi High Court. A scam of this magnitude, the largest in the world, being junked by a high court, speaks volumes of the levels of judicial wisdom and consistency, in this country. After all, the Delhi high court is supposed to be one of the most prestigious institutions in this country, with the nation’s legal intelligentsia flocking feathers in the capital city.

However, when the appeal went to the Supreme Court it was luckily listed before Justice Singhvi, one of the handful of judges’ who had  the opportunity of having hitherto dealt-with subjects such as discretionary quotas, abuse of powers, corruption etc, and whose thoughts were made known  to the legal fraternity through his earlier judgments. Thus began the saga of the unveiling of the UPA’s mask and the wailing of the DMK. The Supreme Court not only entertained the appeal and ordered a probe, but began monitoring it as well, since 16.12.10.


After the supreme court commenced its monitoring on 16.12.10, the CBI promptly arrested A.Raja former telecom minister A.Raja, and laid its first charge-sheet on 2.4.11. It uncovered the money-trail by which Rs 200 crore was paid as bribe by one Shahid Balwa into the account of Kalaingar TV, as a quid pro quo for a telecom license. Kalaingar TV was a tamil channel wherein Karunanidhi’s wife Dayalu Ammal had a 60 percent stake and his daughter Kanimozhi and one Sharad Reddy had a 20 percent stake each.

When the CBI was hot on its heels to interrogate these beneficiaries, the accused-beneficiaries of the scam organised a mammoth cover-up through the Tamilnadu police’s intelligence chief Jaffar Sait, to deceive the Supreme Court. They hatched a conspiracy to show that this sum of 200 crores was not a bribe, but a loan taken by Kalaingar TV. They cooked-up a story as if the said loan was repaid from other monies received as advance for TV advertisements on Kalaingar TV and that too when the advertisements were scheduled to be telecast over the next 5 years. Common sense tells us that no advertiser will pay in full for future advertisements, and that too for as long as 5 years into the future.

Jaffar Sait

Jaffar Sait

But, details of the entire cover-up did not emerge until early 2014, when 4 audio conversations were leaked by an intelligence agent of the Tamilnadu police, and passed-on to a budding journalist, called Shankar.

The 4 tapes are as follows,

(1) 23.11.10, conversation between Jaffar Sait IPS (IGP Tamilnadu Intelligence) & Kanimozhi Karunanidhi, Rajya Sabha MP. (2) 31.12.10, conversation between Jaffar Sait & Karunanidhi’s secretary Shanmuganathan. (3)   13.2.11, conversation between Jaffar Sait & Sharad Reddy of Kalaingar TV. (4)    16.2.11, conversation between Jaffar Sait & Kanimozhi Karunanidhi. (The actual conversations  can be heard by clicking the aforesaid links, but a translated transcript is provided as a footnote to this article.)

In these tapes, Jaffar Sait, the then IGP (Tamilnadu police Intelligence Wing) is heard discussing with Kanimozhi, Sharad Reddy and Shanmuganathan about the impending CBI interrogations/raids, about preparing ante-dated documents to show that the 200 crores was a loan, and of the fact that Karunanidhi was privy to the entire scam.

Karuna with his PA Shanmuganathan

Karuna with his PA Shanmuganathan

In other words, during the period that the Supreme Court was actively monitoring CBI investigations from 16.12.10 to 4.2.11, the Tamilnadu police’s intelligence chief and the Tamilnadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi were fabricating records to derail the court-monitored investigations, and spying upon the CBI through their mole planted inside the CBI.

When Shankar tried to publish the leaked tapes, the Indian media especially the Tamil media began shivering out of fear, and so he took the tapes to Prashant Bhushan who released them in a press conference held at Delhi on 4.2.14.

Prashant Bhushan & Yogendra Yadav releasing the audio tapes in Delhi

Prashant Bhushan & Yogendra Yadav releasing the audio tapes in Delhi.

However, the CBI under the then UPA government did not evince any interest to probe the cover-up. Hence Shankar sent a written complaint to the CBI on 6.2.14, which was also not acted upon, prompting Shankar to move a petition under section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, through an advocate, before the Madras High Court. The 6.2.14 complaint was lodged from Chennai, as all the offences (of conspiracy to cover-up and actual cover-up) were committed in Chennai. The request of Shankar was to direct the CBI to investigate his complaint, and the CBI Director was the only opposite party (respondent).



Every petition which is filed into the Madras High Court is scrutinized by an examiner, who passes or returns the same for rectification of defects. Passing of a petition refers to the act of approving the same by assigning it a case number and listing the case before a judge for hearing in open court to decide whether it is fit for admission. Admission refers-to the act of the judge issuing a formal notice to the opposite parties, calling upon them to file their written replies to the facts pleaded by the petitioner(s). The opposite parties (called respondents) are then informed through the court officials and/or by post by issuance of a notice, and they are called-upon to file then file their sworn replies (called affidavits) and join the court proceedings on the next fixed date, either in person, or to engage a lawyer and argue through him.

The lawyer who is appointed by the respondents’ is bound to file a vakalat, by affixing court-fee stamps as well as advocate-welfare stamps, and also filing a reply-affidavit on behalf of the opposite parties. Finally the case is then decided based on the arguments of the lawyers representing all the suitors (parties to the case).

Before being passed and posted for hearing in court, each petition is processed, by (in addition to the examiner) a section officer, an assistant registrar, and a deputy registrar. Cases relating to incidents’ or events relating to so-called VIP’s, and/or which are already in the public domain are taken to the registrar (judicial), and then to the Registrar General, and then to the judge(s)  concerned, for his/their scrutiny and approval, before being passed and listed for admission. ‘Concerned judge’ refers to a single judge or a bench of 2 judges, who is/are expressly assigned to hear a set of matters falling under a given category of cases.

Considering the fact that there are around 40 judges in the Madras High Court, the Chief Justice assigns each judge or each bench with a portfolio, every 3 months (civil cases, criminal appeals or bails/anticipatory bails etc). During the 3 month period there from, all petitions which fall under that category (bail, for instance) will be listed before the said judge alone, and a departure can be made by the court registry (officials) only with the express written orders of the Chief Justice. Such variations are made when a judge suddenly goes on leave, etc, but under no circumstances, can a change be made without the express written orders of the Chief Justice. This is one of the few extra-ordinary powers vested with the Chief Justice, although for all practical purposes, he is on par with every other judge of the court.

The Supreme Court has defined this power of the Chief Justice in the following words, “The Chief Justice is the master of the roster. He has full power, authority and jurisdiction in the matter of allocation of business of the high court.”


Acting CJ Sathish Agnihotri

As per the portfolios allotted by the then acting Chief Justice Sathish Agnihotri, on 17.3.14, “Admission and final hearing of all CBI and Prevention of Corruption Act cases” were to be heard and decided by Justice Mrs.Aruna Jagadeesan.


Justice Aruna Jagadeesan



But, instead of listing Shankar’s petition bearing Crl OP 6051/14 before the portfolio judge hearing CBI cases, namely Justice Aruna Jagadeesan, it was listed before Justice CT.Selvam on 20.3.14.

CT.Selvam, who was a known DMK man, had gone to the extent of seeking the blessings of DMK leader Karunanidhi after being appointed as a judge of the Madras High Court. CT.Selvam, along with one Raja Elango were serving as public prosecutor’s during the DMK regime, and several allegations of their supporting DMK cadres were levelled, as soon as they were elevated as judges, which led to Raja Elango being unceremoniously shunted out to the Andhra Pradesh high court. Similarly another DMK loyalist Justice Mr.Ashok Kumar was also shunted to Andhra Pradesh high court on similar grounds.

Justice.CT.Selvam & Justice Raja Elango thanking Karunanidhi for making them judges.

Justice.CT.Selvam & Justice Raja Elango getting the blessings of Karunanidhi.

On 20.3.14, a drama was played out in court, whereby, without admitting Shankar’s case, and without issuance of notice to the CBI, an advocate by name Shanmugasundaram who is a DMK member of parliament appeared in CT.Selvam’s court, without even a vakalat, and demanded dismissal of the case. 


DMK Advocate Shanmugasundaram

Tamilnadu’s Jayalalitha  appointed state Public Prosecutor Shunmugavelayutham (yes, shUnmugavelayutham) who was duty-bound to point-out that CT.Selvam cannot hear cases pertaining to CBI & Vigilance was bought over by the DMK, and made to remain mum.


Tamilnadu Public Prosecutor Shunmugavelayutham (ADMK)

And, this was done despite the Tamilnadu police’s intelligence constable Baskaran informing the then intelligence IGP Mr.Amrish Pujari IPS, well in advance,


Intelligence constable Baskaran

Amrish Pujari IPS, on his part promptly reported this to the Chief Minister’s office, and yet Shunmugavelayutham daringly aided and abetted the 2G accused despite their belonging to the rival DMK camp.

393486_139998972773706_1613228824_n (1)

Amrish Pujari IPS – IG (Intelligence) – 2014

The CBI special public prosecutor N.Chandrasekaran, remained a mute spectator, and without even asking the CBI a single question as to what happened to Shankar’s complaint, CT.Selvam, heard a non-party to the case namely Shanmugasundaram, and dismissed Shankar’s case without even stating in his judgment as to whom Shanmugasundaram was representing as a lawyer. 

CT.Selvam who dismissed the case and pronounced the judgment in open court on the same day that it was listed for admission, namely 20.3.14, refused to sign it for over 2 months purposely, fearing that the petitioner would appeal to the Supreme court. It was only during the summer recess that extraneous pressure had to be deployed to get the judgment to be signed.







Moreover, when the Madras High Court website was checked vis-a-vis, criminal OP 6051/14, neither the name of CBI counsel Chandrasekar finds mention, nor do the names of Shanmugasundaram or Gopinath. Apparently these lawyers have deceived even the paltry sum of rupees 10/- payable as advocate welfare fee, whilst they normally receive advocate fees running into lakhs of rupees from the criminals.


A lady advocate called Satyabama had preferred a complaint about CT.Selvam’s favouritism towards DMK leaders, and annexed reports relating to the following cases, 

1) Land-grab case against DMK MLA KC Palanisamy’s son KCP Sivakumar,

2) Grant of anticipatory bail to Karunanidhi’s grandson Dayanithi Alagiri in the multi-billion granite scam,

3) Grant of anticipatory bail to DMK minister Suba Thangavelan

4) Grant of anticipatory bail to DMK Secretary Karuppasamy Pandian

5) Grant of anticipatory bail to DMK baron PRP, the granite scam kingpin

6) Shielding DMK’s IGP (Intelligence) Jaffar Sait from the multi-crore housing scam in the Tamilnadu Housing Board.

scan00051 (1)


Similarly several complaints about CT.Selvam’s nexus with DMK party men were lodged before the present Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul. 

Madras-High-Court-Chief-Jus (4)

Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul

When I repeatedly brought these malpractices to Chief Justice Sanjay Kaul’s knowledge on several occasions during mentioning’s, and interactions in open court, Sanjay Kaul who promised action, took none whatsoever, and in fact did exactly the opposite, namely favouring CT.Selvam’s abuse of office. In fact he too joined the nexus between CT.Selvam and the DMK, as I will demonstrate in my future posts.


When we sought to know what action was taken on our complaints, Sanjay Kishan Kaul ensured that we receive only haughty, arrogant and inhuman replies.


Had the Madras high court ordered notice, and sought the CBI’s reply, the CBI would have done its duty, which it is normally loath to do, and needs some prompting by the courts. But when judges’ are short-circuited and cases are dismissed in limine for unholy reasons, then the cause of justice suffers. Eventually Shankar had to seek Prashant Bhushan’s help to appeal to the supreme court, (to get the tapes investigated), and the matter remains stuck there.

To top it all, Sanjay Kaul had exercised his administrative authority to conceal the 20.3.14 judgment of CT.Selvam in Shankar’s case from the Madras high court website.



And this is not the first or only case where the cases are shifted illegally by fixing of judges. There are several cases involving this very same CT.Selvam, Kanimozhi Karunanidhi duo. Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul who is expected to ensure propriety in judicial administration, is himself encouraging these malpractices.

It is in these circumstances that one Prabakaran appeared before a press 4 days ago, and confessed to murdering Sadiq Batcha, the partner of A.Raja (former telecom minister & kingpin in the 2G scam) at the time when the Supreme Court was monitoring investigations into the 2G case in early 2011. He claimed that while he and one Paramesh (Raja’s relative) caught hold of Sadiq’s limbs, IGP Jaffar Sait stangulated Sadiq Basha to death.

When the Supreme Court is monitoring investigations, the fact that documents are fabricated, money-trails are erased, witnesses are murdered, and high court judges are fixed, leads to only one inevitable conclusion – That the rule of law can no longer prevail in this country.


Sadiq Basha’s anniversary poster hinting at betrayal by his benefactors (released by his family).

When no one is bothered, and when it is not known whether the confessor Prabakaran is alive or not, and when judges’ of the high court cock a snook at the supreme court, it remains a moot question as to what eventually can be the result of all these probes, trials, monitoring, etc.

Apparently, even the supreme court cannot answer this question.

Approver Prabakaran who confessed on camera

Approver Prabakaran who confessed to Sadiq’s murder on camera

Be that as it may, on our part, this is our representation to the CJI against criminalisation of the judiciary. qazxsw

Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul’s malpractices will continue …


nota bene

23.11.10, conversation between Jaffar Sait IPS (IGP Tamilnadu Intelligence) & Kanimozhi Karunanidhi, Rajya Sabha MP.

-Jaffar Sait: In Murosali office…
-Kanimozhi: Ohhhh
-Jaffar Sait: What are people saying? (Referring to Karunanidhi)…That what Anna people are saying that he is such a (Karunanidhi) good leader and they have earned bad name for him. (Referring to 2G scam) All his achievements have gone in vein. Yes!!! What a blunder it was…

Kanimozhi: hmmm

Jaffar Sait: I told him please take the auction route…please take the auction route…

Kanimozhi: Hmmm… How they work no…huh…Helloo

Jaffar Sait: Yes maam…I was very very….i was taken a back

Kanimozhi: Yesterday, he quite a thing of celebration will be there no…that tone was but..
Jaffar Sait: When he was in Tirchy?
Kanimozhi: Yes yes…no no…they won’t say anything…
Jaffar Sait: You will know the mood no maam?
Kanimozhi: Yes yes…This is atrocious ya…how they work no…!!! We should scold the grandman for everything…
Jaffar Sait: We have learnt from them and we will beat them…hands down
Kanimozhi: yesss…
Jaffar Sait: And yesterday’s thing again it cropped up…
Kanimozhi: What?
Jaffar Sait: TV issue (Referring to Kalaignar TV issue)
Kanimozhi: Hmmm
Jaffar Sait: Again…boss says nobody told me about this (Referring to Karunanidhi)
Kanimozhi: Aaaiyooo…Aaiyooo…hmmm
Jaffar Sait: Apparently “Theekkathir Daily” (CPM TN Mouth Piece) has come out with a bad article…
Kanimozhi: yesterday no…yessss

Jaffar sait: In that article they have mentioned about the TATA-VOLTAS deal…he claimed that no one told me about this (Referring to Karunanidhi)

Kanimozhi: Ohhhhh

Jaffar sait: We have already told you…we have taken enough steps and all corrective steps have been taken…we have done everything that needs to be done.

Kanimozhi: But actually…it does not belong to them also no…it belongs to somebody else…

Jaffar Sait: What mam?

Kanimozhi: That thing also (Referring to Voltas property in Chennai) that doesn’t belong to them no legally…
Jaffar Sait: Legally No…But TRIL and all that thing Theekkathir has written in length no…TRIL and Nira…
Kanimozhi: Ahhh…What is TRIL…

Kanimozhi : Ohhh ok ok

Jaffar Sait: Voltas is the subsidiary of that
Kanimozhi: Yes yes…

Jaffar Sait: This Nira Radia should be shot in the mouth…
Kanimozhi: Ahhhh….hmmm… (Laughs) someone today asked me…even anybody in his place…only they must have facilitated the thing…
Jaffar Sait: Yeah…
Kanimozhi: This man…in that place would have definitely known that enforcement department is tapping…

Jaffar Sait: Hmmm
Kanimozhi: How that he not know?
Jaffar Sait: Exactly maam…

Kanimozhi: Hmmm…and he should have been the one who should have warned all of us.
Jaffar Sait: If I had known that you are in communication with her…I would have definitely told you and he was aware…

Kanimozhi: Oh really…aware of what…
Jaffar Sait: yesss…those guys are saying…I told you once no…maam…his communication chief why is she blabbering?
Kanimozhi: Hmmm
Jaffar Sait: It was his official network which was being tapped into…
Kanimozhi: Innocent fellow…

Jaffar Sait: He was totally innocent…absolutely.
Kanimozhi: that’s what I am saying…innocence also has a heave price to pay.
Jaffar Sait: When you have friends like former PM of India (Sarcastically Refers to Dayanidhi Maran)

Jaffar Sait: In one statement he completely made a U turn. (Referring to Statement made by A Raja saying that PM and Chidambaram were aware of what he did and everything happened with their concurrence.)

Kanimozhi: That’s only know…politician also…it’s a very clever thing to say….
Jaffar Sait: Anyway boss is a politician no…I mean all his hardwork and everything is gone means…big Joke eh…

Kanimozhi: I would love to go to Chennai slums and as what it means?
Jaffar Sait: Which one mam?

Kanimozhi: No no…I love to go to one of the Chennai slums…not even in village…in one of the slums in Chennai and ask them have they heard of this…(Referring to 2G scam)
Jaffar Sait: everyone will think it’s some circulated urea…(Not audible clearly)

Kanimozhi: hmmm…What clever… What to do something has to be done for damage control…Boss should also take it with a pinch of salt no…because he know he hates him.
Jaffar Sait: The only problem that boss says…he completely denies…
Kanimozhi: What???

Jaffar Sait: he completely denies…
Kanimozhi: Knowing only no…?
Jaffar Sait: Hmmm

Kanimozhi: That is aa…..Knowing fully well and everything happened was briefed and particularly told not to tell me also…

Jaffar Sait: No mam you remember that we told Boss…
Kanimozhi: Hmmm

Jaffar Sait: For that…Power plant and this came from BIG source…
Kanimozhi: Ahhh…
Jaffar Sait: and we divided by 50 percent…you remember it mam..?
Kanimozhi: Ahhh..hmmm

Jaffar Sait: So today when he was asking about this “Theekkathir” Thing…and he was going hammer and tongs on that Theekkaathir daily article thing…and where from money is coming and what this all contracts and all he was talking…
Kanimozhi: Hmmm

Jaffar Sait: So I told him…no no no…nothing like that. You remember this was the one we told…no on you never told…no I told and we have sold all of it…
Kanimozhi: Hmmm

Jaffar Sait: No no I don’t know anything…like that…
Kanimozhi: Aaiyooo…

Jaffar Sait: I don’t know what to do…Laughs…
Kanimozhi: The same thing the same like he is taking with the TV no…(Refers to Kalaignar TV transaction issue)

Jaffar Sait: Yesss…he said TV issue no one told me. Now he is asking to close down the channel immediately.

Kanimozhi: Which one Television? (Refers to Kalaignar TV)
Jaffar Sait: Yes

Kanimozhi: That’s actually a good idea…anyway we are near it.
Jaffar Sait; We need not do anything…on its own it will go…
Kanimozhi: No if we close it now…at least I wont get bankrupt.
Jaffar Sait: Laughs…I am coming to delhi today evening mam…
Kanimozhi: See you then tomorrow.

Jaffar Sait: Yes maam…thank you.
Kanimozhi: if you can…see u also cant tell things beyond a point.

Jaffar Sait: what can I do man…I told him about the PR work…many points…CAG is favorable for us. We have to highlight all that …for that we have to do some PR work…he asked me you should do it. Now only we have got a person…We Its very difficult to get a person in Delhi…We don’t have any establishment. Now only we have got one person and we will start the work gradually. He said ok you see…

Kanimozhi: Hmmm I don’t know what ….. the moment I got down everyone from Selvaganapathy to some of the congress people…started asking how can you say you don’t mind JPC over that.

Jaffar Sait: You should have told boss about it…its was a mistake madam…
Kanimozhi: What can I do…even a general talk is becoming a trouble.
Jaffar Sait: Even gossip is becoming a problem…(Attends a phone call) Yes maam…yes maam.

Kanimozhi: How to go and say anything about him yaar?
Jaffar Sait: Atleast somebody should convey maam…or else they will get…
Kanimozhi: What will happened is… they will never agree for JPC…Sushma Swaraj, such a very intelligent woman…be nice to the PM. She said you can even summon the Prime Minister if you want JPC.

Jaffar Sait: hmmm
Kanimozhi: Now congress is up and they don’t…they definitely don’t want it…they are asking how can you say that…?
Jaffar Sait: Hmmm

Kanimozhi: They don’t want it…Any day no…now his name is dragged…and if you call the PM in the JPC what will happen? Congress Narayansamy is saying elections are round the corner and they will give news in every paper on a daily basis…what will you do…?
Jaffar Sait : Yess yesss!!! That’s what we told boss yesterday…You can explain to him better than this… Delhi whatever happened there has to be conveyed to the CM. If you feel that not directly…atleast some one should…who can speak to boss should convey. Or make Narayansamy to convey…

Kanimozhi: aahmmm

Jaffar Sait: That I can do…
Kanimozhi: I think Selvaganapathy can…he speaks openly, I was shaken a bit. When we went to salem they took me in some wrong route and all I dint say anything…and when he was talking to my dad…he informed him about it it seems.
Jaffar Sait: Ohhhh
(Not Audiable)
Kanimozhi: I should be little careful. I will talk to you tomorrow.
Jaffar Sait : Ok mam thank you
Kanimozhi: We will talk in Delhi…


31.12.10, conversation between Jaffar Sait & Karunanidhi’s secretary Shanmuganathan.

Phone rings

Jaffar picks up the call : Jaffar here…
-Hello, Shanmuganathan…
Jaffar Sait : Sir I have spoken to them…
Shanmuganathan : ok and…
Jaffar Sait: He is saying that he will give 60 crore rupees first…its all ready…I will give it as advertisement (to Kalaignar TV) for 5 years.
Shanmuganathan: Ok ok…
Jaffar Sait: Another 20 crores…he says he will arrange but he is saying it cant be done immediately it seems.
Shanmuganathan : Ok ok
Jaffar Sait: Sir he said 60 crore is confirmed. I told them ok and have asked them to work out for that 60 crore rupees. Remaining 40 crores rupees…I told them first we will finish this and then we will do something for the remaining amount.
Shanmuganathan: ok ok…
Jaffar Sait : He is giving as an amount for advertisement sir…(Audio Disturbance) and they will give it to the company.
Shanmuganathan: If we do like that it won’t be correct…
Jaffar Sait: That’s what sir…I will meet him once again in the evening and talk to him…
Shanmuganathan: he has arranged for 60 crore rupees…and its ready sir…and he has said that he will arrange for another 20 crores.
Shanmuganathan: Ok ok
Jaffar Sait: Sir he has suggested another thing…if you get permission…he knows some through whom he can arrange another 40 crore rupees.
Shanmuganathan: ok ok ok…
Jaffar Sait: He said I will tell you about that person when we meet not over the phone…and I will meet him and talk to him and will get back to you in the evening sir. Thank you.

13.2.11, conversation between Jaffar Sait & Sharad Reddy of Kalaingar TV.

–         Jaffer Sait: Sharad!! Sharad!!
–         Voice: Sharad and Amirtham sir are here, they haven’t met the CM…
–         Jaffar Sait: I am trying on his number but he is not rechable…
–         Voice: Shall I give my phone sir?
–         Jaffar Sait: Ok! Give him your phone…
–         Sharad Reddy: Hello!
–         Jaffar Sait: Yea, Sharad…
–         Sharad Reddy: Yes sir…
–         Jaffar Sait: Your phone is not reachable…
–         Sharad Reddy: Sir I have kept that in the car sir…I had come to Thalivar’s house…
–         Jaffar Sait: Ok ok!!

–         Sharad Reddy: Sir, those Cineyug people had called from Delhi and Mumbai…and they said that their information is that next week positively…they are not going to come with the questioner or something they will only come and take custody of the directors so please be prepared. So I asked him how sure are you…he said Boss! All our information is sure…its 100 percent sure. Please inform your leader right now. So I said its afternoon time right now…its not possible. They are saying we are passing on the information to you…now its up to to you decide how you want to handle it. Beyond this we cannot tell…so please please…

–         Jaffar Sait: Last time also they said this know?

–         Sharad Reddy: Last time they said said…(voice overlaps)

–         Jaffar Sait: Our TV office they are coming he said…You remember?

–         Sharad Reddy: He said they said…even now he said… Everything is ready… they are now pushing for arrest…they are not pushing for questioner or inquiry…they are pushing for arrest. So its up to you guys to take it…you please do another thing check up from your sources before you want to take any further action. I called up Amirtham sir (One of the Directors of Kalaignar TV) he had gone to some function…Ramnarayanan sir’s grand daughter some function was there…first he said leave it then he said no…no…its better we first go tell off Shanmuganathan sir (Karunanidhi’s personal secretary)…that time I sent you an SMS saying we are getting here…We came here then they decided NOT to tell…then I went back home…then again I got a call saying come back…

–         Jaffar sait: No..I told Shanmuganathan not to tell now…pleas we check up…

–         Sharad Reddy: Correct sir…Its better we check up and 100 percent sure and then do it…form whatever they are saying they sounded little panicky…Just now I think from Chidambaram sir and the entire congress people have landed up…so we are waiting sitting down…So TR Baalu sir said he will handle it. That’s where its now.
–         Jaffar Sait: When you are telling Thalivar…tell that you have also told me…
–         Sharad Reddy: Thanks sir..thanks sir…

–         Jaffar Sait: I am Checking up…They are saying that its 50-50 only. Guys are not confirming…they are saying that now way. They are telling about 2-3 logic… one they saying in that case first to be touched will be the Senior guys.

–         Sharad Reddy: Correct!

–         Jaffar Sait: That has not been done…may be there are doing it to apply some pressure. So that they will not look in that direction. We have conveyed the facts about the transaction and the fact that she is not the director. She is only a share holder and the other director is not there…and these are the things which is a…

–         Sharad Reddy: When the transaction occurred she was there sir…that is what i?

–         Jaffar Sait: What!!! What!!!

–         Sharad Reddy: When the transaction took place she was the Director…

–         Jaffar Sait: Really!!!

–         Sharad Reddy: Yes sir

–         Jaffar Sait: Ooohhh…that day you said No…

–         Sharad Reddy: She resigned in December…all back date is going now na sir…I am sitting and finding so.

–         Jaffar Sait: No resigned in December…those things come in?

–         Sharad Reddy: Money came in 2008 no sir.

–         Jaffar Sait: Ohh..this December only she resigned? Which December?

–         Sharad Reddy: Yes Sir! This December or may be last…but she was there as the director when…SIR I HAVE SIGNED SOME 100 PAGES OF BACK DATED THING YESTERDAY ONLY AND I HAVE TAKEN A XEROX AND SITTING AND READING IT NOW.

–         Jaffar Sait: Hmmm


–         Jaffar Sait: Hmmm…

–         Sharad Reddy: Then Kani Madam was not there in 2007 after 2007…Periyama continued to be (Referring to Karunanidhi’s wife Dayalu Ammal).

–         Jaffar Sait: Periyamma, Continued to be that I know. There because and she has said that she has no knowledge of English or Tamil no…

–         Sharad Reddy: Correct!! Correct!!

–         Jaffar Sait: They cannot link her. But even otherwise the transaction we are saying and you are saying…it’s a fact also. It’s a clean transaction …taking by cheque.
–         Sharad Reddy: Talking is not a problem…the only question is that which angle is it going to take?

–         Jaffar Sait: That’s what I am telling…My guys…my sources are telling…that is highly precipitative…which they will not do…first they will question…even if that’s the case…they will question and if they are not convinced and if there is something…they see that tracing or some u know…hmmm… damaging the trial or destroying the evidence all those things then they may go for that…
–         Sharad Reddy: Then they will take it little aggressively…
–         Jaffar Sait: Yeah…
–         Sharad Reddy: I just conveyed it to you. You want to talk to Shanmuganathan sir and tell the same…tell him in Tamil it will be better than me sir?
–         Jaffar Sait: No no…I will tell…you are meeting Boss tell this also later I will tell Boss in the evening..
–         Sharad Reddy: Ok Sir…Thank You sir…


16.2.11, conversation between Jaffar Sait & Kanimozhi Karunanidhi.

(This Conversation took place between Kanimozhi and Jaffar Sait, IPS on a day when she was arrested in Chennai for protesting against the arrest for 112 fishermen by Srilankan Navy)

-Kanimozhi: Yes tell me!

-Jaffar Sait: If I tell you…you will kick me…(Laughs)

-Kanimozhi: What is it?

-Jaffar Sait: If I tell you…you will kick me…but I will tell you…

-Kanimozhi: hmmm yes…

-Jaffar Sait: For the Second time I have been talking to the person who is in custody for the second time. (He refers to A Raja or Shahid Balwa promoter of DB Realty)

-Kanimozhi: (Laughs) Atleast, I am in your custody.

-Jaffar Sait: Yes mam… (Laughs)…Mam, I will just read out a statement…see if it in line mam…I just suggested to Boss (Refers to Karunanidhi) ..Boss said ok..I just wanted to keep you informed mam.

-Jaffar Sait: Reads out the statement in Tamil:

: Link of the statement that appeared in the Newspapers on Feb 17, 2011 (http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/our-accounts-open-to-scrutiny-kalaignar-tv/article1463363.ece)

Earlier Statement issued on 10-02-201…published in ( http://www.financialexpress.com/news/kalaignar-tv-denies-link-with-2g-scam/749135)

-Kanimozhi: It will be like atleast we are preempting

– Jaffar Sait: Yeah…Yes maam.

-Kanimozhi : Good…It will be like saving us even as we fall (uses a Tamil Proverb)
-Jaffer Sait: Atleast, General Public will think…these buggers are ready they have already given what if they come (Refers to CBI)

-Kanimozhi: And we are also preparing them

-Jaffar : Yes yes!! And 10 percent fellows will say that all this is set up.

– Kanimozhi: Yes yes…

-Jaffar Sait: At any cost they are going to say that…

-Kanimozhi:Yes that’s true

-Jaffar Sait:Atleast 70 percent fellows will say instead of Kalaignar TV surprising us..We have already said we are an open book…so let them read it.

-Kanimozhi: Laughs

-Jaffar sait: Now we are saying you read…we are a library
-Kanimozhi:Invitation (Laughs)

-Jaffar sait: I just suggested…boss said ok…I thought I will take your opinion. Its better know mam?

-Kanimozhi: Yes it’s definitely better than what he was saying…

-Jaffar Sait: Yes maam

-Kanimozhi : Because he is trying be so funny…he is saying they come at this time that time…nobody will know. That and all

-Jaffar Sait: They will tip off and come mam.

-Kanimozhi: Yeah that right…

-Jaffar Sait: This is better
-Kanimozhi: They will all be our men…
-Jaffar Sait: Tomorrow it will be published saying We are ready for CBI investigations says Sharad Kumar…
-Kanimozhi: Please mention which sharad Kumar properly…
-Jaffar Sait: I have not mentioned Nadar Peravai (Referring to actor Sharad Kumar) (Laughs)…this Sharad Kumar is handicapped…
-Kanimozhi:Yes yes!!! Don’t say handicapped…say differently abled..
-Jaffar Sait: Yes sorry…in my native and in my department if 2 different criminals have same name then we will give him a nick name…
-Kanimozhi: hmmm
-Jaffar Sait: For example like “Maalaikan” Suresh…”Bullet” Ravi…like that we will name him “One leg” Sharad…
-Kanimozhi: Laughs…I thought you will save him when he is taken into custody…looks like that is also not going to happen.
-Jaffar Sait: You are the only guardian…But I am assisting him in little whatever way I can
-Kanimozhi: He is a poor chap
-Jaffar Sait: you mean to say I am poor chap madam…
-Kanimozhi: Both of you
-Jaffar Sait: Ok maam…laughs
-Kanimozhi: They have kept us in PSP School
-Jaffar Sait: Would you like to stay there or shall I ask to organize some other place maam
-Kanimozhi: No no… Its ok…No problem.
-Jaffar Sait: What about Lunch maam?
-Kanimozhi: They will organize no?
-Jaffar Sait: Yeah they will organize…but for you maam?
-Kanimozhi: Same thing…or it will look bizarre.
-Jaffar Sait: Ok maam
-Kanimozhi: Or else I thought I will ask them to organize special lunch for this wedding hall (Kanimozhi was kept in a wedding hall after preventive arrest)…Ohhh you will organize is it? They won’t organize here?

-Jaffar Sait: You mean DMK? No…No When people are in our custody…it’s the responsibility of the state to provide lunch…

-Kanimozhi: Ohhh

-Jaffar Sait: For your information…we have been fighting this issue because…per day per issue for per person the government is only giving 10 rupees.

-Kanimozhi: U can buy food in this amount

-Jaffar Sait: Yes maam we have been fighting this issue…we cant…that’s why these fellows go to hotels

-Kanimozhi: Ohhhh

-Jaffar Sait: In such massive arrests..our people will go ask Saravana Bhavan…They will threaten will you provide lunch or shall we do the honours

-Kanimozhi: 10 rupees is injustice

-Jaffar Sait: Yes Madam

-Kanimozhi: Or eles the police department should start its own kitchen

-Jaffar Sait: Actually my suggestion was that…starting a Centralized kitchen…but DGP is not accepting. My suggestion is both for them as well as personnel on duty.

-Kanimozhi: Ahh…that’s a good idea actually

-Jaffar Sait: Yes! Maam…I will do it when I become DGP….and pls don’t forget me to appoint me as the Director General of Police.

-Kanmozhi: You have only told me that you will predict my future
-Jaffar Sait: I am telling u madam…
-Kanimozhi: What???
-Jaffar Sait: It’s going to be a dynasty type of rule…
-Kanimozhi: I don’t want that and all…I will go join when im home

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