On 11.6.13, a mechanic named Babu visited an AE (Assistant Engineer) of Tamilnadu Electricity Board, in Udumalpet town called Muthukrishnan, and submitted applications seeking 3 new electricity connections. An honest Muthukrishnan prepared the estimate and sent it to his superior officer  namely the AEE (Assistant Executive Engineer) on the same day for approval. On 24.6.13 the AEE granted approval, and Muthukrishnan obtained 3 meters for providing the connections.

Unfortunately there were no transformers in Babu’s locality, and Muthukrishnan shifted a spare 200 KVA transformer lying idle 2 kilometres away, to Babu’s location, and provided the 3  service connections on 28.6.13. All this was completed in just 4 days, which is a record-breaking feat by Tamilnadu Electricity Board’s standards.

The new service  connections were inspected by higher officials of the electricity department, who recorded the functionality of the 3 service connections in the department’s registers on 28.6.13.



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Software technicians of the electricity department fed the details of Babu’s service connections onto the centralized servers of the department on 28.6.13.


Online Bill Status

It is important to observe that on 29.6.13, the day after Babu was provided 3 connections, 8 persons were provided new connections on one day alone.



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5 days after enjoying the power-supply, Babu met the Inspector of Police of the Vigilance & Anti-Corruption department on 3.7.13, and preferred a complaint claiming that “Muthukrishnan was demanding a sum of Rs.8,500/- as bribe and that Muthukrishnan would NOT provide the connections if the bribe was NOT paid”. The vigilance inspector K.Sundarraj registered an FIR immediately, and arrested Muthukrishnan.

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After coming out on bail, Muthukrishnan approached the Madras High Court questioning it as to how he could demand a bribe on 3.7.13, for electricity connections which were already provided on 28.6.13. He filed a Writ Petition No 3491/15, demanding to quash the FIR on the ground that the allegation against him is so absurd and unbelievable on the face of it. Miss.Mala, a judge of the Madras High Court, who heard the case on 31.3.15, reserved judgment without specifying a date. Since her conduct aroused suspicion, reply-arguments were filed in writing on the next day (1.4.15) itself, explaining the context and purport of various supreme court judgments.

On 6.4.15, Mala rendered a 20-para judgment, distorting the ratios laid down by the supreme court. When her mistakes were pointed-out, Mala resorted to an ingenious trick. Instead of clarifying the distortion of supreme court judgments, she simply deleted the 2 paragraphs containing her interpretation of the Supreme Court judgments (paragraphs 16 & 17) and issued a new judgment. Mala also ordered the removal of the words “and perused the written arguments filed by the petitioner” from paragraph 3 of the judgment, and removed the titles of 2 supreme court judgments from 4 paragraph of the original judgment.

Hence a complaint was preferred to the Chief Justice of the Madras High Court on 17.4.15, the same day when the forged judgment was issued to Muthukrishnan.


But guess how Mala responded to the complaint made to the Chief Justice ? She simply cocked a snook at the authority of Chief Justice Sanjay Kishen Kaul and the people of TamilNadu by directing publication of both the actual and forged judgment on the Madras High Court website.


Madras high Court Webpage

A comparison of the original and forged judgments are given below. The discerning reader may compare paras 3,4,16 & 17.



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